December Maldives Weather

Maldives weather in December is primetime for travellers and tourists from around the globe, not only due to the fantastic climate. The festive period along with Christmas holidays and the cold depressing climate from Europe sends many a tourist running for warmer pastures!
Not at all surprising, considering the fact that the average daily temperature is a sweet 27 degrees Celsius. With the water temperature similarly fluctuating around 27 degrees, whether on land lying on your deck chair, or underwater giving chase to a whale shark, in both cases you will be glowing in delightfully comfortable Maldives Christmas weather!
December weather in Maldives reaches about 81% humidity on average, with rainfall statistics showing 232 mm for the whole 31 days. With only around 9 days of rain, the conditions are simply perfect for that fantastic Christmas holiday on the tropical islands.
Also popular with honeymooners and partygoers, the turn of the new year and Maldives winter weather brings about many an activity and atmosphere unique to that time of year. For your convenience you can see the Maldives latest weather on our live weather page, or a summary of weather statistics for each month of the year.

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