Best Dive Sites in World

The best dive sites in world must include the Maldives dive locations. The reef top houses a great balance of hard and soft coral and the outer slopes contain many sponges, seawhips and seafans. No wonder that Makunudhoo Kandu is regarded as one of the best scuba dive spots in the world. Between the months of November and May you will often see eagle rays gliding through the area. At around 27 meters there is a large overhang, a popular location for squirrelfish, turtles, napoleon and nurse sharks. Be wary that currents are funneled through the sand saddle at highly accelerated speeds. Even the slightest current can potentially become a swift torrent. Strong ingoing currents may render the swim back to the main reef difficult, so a safety balloon should always be on hand in case you require and open water safety stop.

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