Top 10 Dive Sites

Nassimo Thila is one of the top 10 dive sites. Nassimo Thila is an oval-shaped Thila displaying a good variety of colourful, soft corals. The most interesting aspect of Nassimo Thila is the randomly scattered pinnacles. Spend as much time as possible around the scattered pinnacles but limit your depth to maximize bottom time as the scattered pinnacles go down to more than 30 meters. Currents at Nassimo Thila scuba diving site are usually strong, so it is only recommended for advanced divers. Depending on the strength of the currents, many pelagics can be seen near the coral reef at Nassimo Thila or in the deeper water just off the reefs, including Giant Trevallies, Jacks, Dogtooth Tuna and many more. A surface balloon is a must as the dive site is subjected to heavy boat traffic from the nearby resort island.

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